Classic Pokies

The classic pokies games appeared more than 100 years ago. The first pokies machine was developed in 1985 by a mechanical engineer, being designed with car parts, and the basic principles are used even today.

The machine was called Liberty Bell, and it can still be found in a Reno casino. Unfortunately, the developer was not able to exploit the huge overnight popularity gained by those games. The machine was designed with 3 reels and one payline, being able to give prizes of 50 times the initial stake. No denomination was possible, and the machine was easy to cheat using metal pieces and plastic coins. Cheating was also popular in the very beginning. The demand was growing continuously, but the inventor missed the opportunity. As a result, the competition managed to create some great slots machines that are still functional.

Classic Pokies Denominations and Payouts

The classic system with 1-cent bet and 50 cents maximum payout remained for more than 20 years. Although some improvements were brought to the machines, such as a protection system and music (if you can call those annoying metallic sounds "music"), the payout system was not suited for improvements.

The origins of the first slot machine offering denomination are unknown. The machine appeared in a Las Vegas Casino, and the revolutionary system attracted the clients immediately. The machine had denominations of 0.05 to 5 dollars, being suited for increased payouts.

The bet max button was also a revolutionary improvement. The truth is that players are only hitting that button for one spin, but they are forgetting to lower the stakes afterwards. This is why the button increased the incomes of the casinos greatly, and the industry was flourishing continuously.

Online Pokies Are Simple but Fun

The development of the classical slots machines was slowed by the appearance of the online pokies machines. Of course, those machines had to offer something new to the players, and this new feature was called the 5 reels machine. Surprisingly, the virtual machine was not so successful at the beginning. The players thought that this machine would give them fewer chances to win, and sometimes this statement is true. The online casinos had to introduce multiple paylines in order to attract players, and some interesting themes based on actors and rock stars.

Another huge step in the history of online pokies gaming was the progressive jackpot. The huge casino game developers brought the concept. The casino won't have to pay for this jackpot, as the developing company has the interest to offer this bonus. The jackpot is increasing depending on the current number of players betting at a certain moment on a certain game. This means that the most popular games are also offering the biggest jackpots, and those jackpots could sometimes be greater than 1 million dollars.