Electronic Pokies

The mechanical pokies were losing popularity sometimes around the years 1965-1970. The scandals about rigged machines and the decreasing promotions offered by casinos kept the clients far from the machines. A gambling law was also imposed on the casinos, although the authorities were having hard times controlling the machines. A change was required, and the invention of the first electronic slot machine was the oxygen balloon needed by the industry.

Electronic Age of Pokies

The first electronic slot machine was introduced in the Las Vegas casinos in late 1960s. The era of rigged machines and cheaters was over. Of course, other problems had to be resolved. For instance, the governmental control over those machines was practically impossible. In fact, some journalists claimed that US representatives were walking around casinos disguised in order to see if the new machines were giving away winnings to the players. However, this was not the case, as casino operators were offering substantial prizes in order to fill up the empty casino seats. The players remembered Las Vegas once more, and the golden era of this fascinating city was beginning. Moreover, new players that were not so passionate about gambling were coming to casinos out of curiosity.

The machines were also great for the casinos. Those machines were lighter, smaller and easy to maintain. The casinos started to switch the machines between them, and the new industry of electronic pokies machines manufacturers also appeared. However, there will always be some people that are fond of the old machines. That is why every established casino must host at least three or four of these old-fashioned machines.

Modern Era of Pokies Gambling

The modern pokies, not like first machines, are connected to computers; therefore governmental authorities and the casino's specialists control them. The casinos are obliged to give a certain winning chance to the player. On the overall, the house edge is 3 to 7 percent. This means that if you are betting constantly with 100 dollars, you will remain with 93 or 97 dollars on your hands. Law imposes those figures. Moreover, if you are applying some smart strategies, you might get the odds in your advantage even more.

For online multi-line pokies playing, the figures are practically the same. The casino must give a decent winning rate to the players. However, this is not guaranteed for you as a singular player. The casino is obliged to give 93-97 dollars back from 100 dollars gambled on the site. Whether the casino offers that money to you or other players, it is only the decision of the casino's owners.