History of Pokies

The first pokies machine was invented in 1895 by Charles Fey. That slots machine was called "The Liberty Bell". To tell you the truth, the design of that slot machine will be shocked for you but still it was only the beginning of the pokies industry.The first pokies machine had reels which we know today. Instead of bars the reels of the slot machine had playing cards. The queen, jack, and king were on the pokies reels. The slot machine had a bell which rang when somebody wins.

Design of Slot Machine

It is known that the design of the first pokie machine (1907) is used by the companies in modern machines. The old slot machine had only 20 different symbols. Modern machines obtain more than twenty and it is not the limit. The basic of modern pokies machine is simple. Every slot is controlled by the random number generator which randomly displays the special bonuses and hundreds of symbols.

"Operation Bell"

During the 1910 the creators of pokies developed another machine, it was called the "Operation Bell". This machine had the coin entry with the fruit symbols. The "Operation Bell" weight nearly 100 pounds and it was really great. The total number of the sold machines of that type was equal to 30,000.

Development of Modern Pokies

The history and the technical progress don't stay that is why the pokies machine was changed again after five years. The creators wanted to make the slot machines cheaper for the owners of the gambling houses. The result of such desire is the development of wood machines. Moreover, the next wave of machines has the double jackpot. Mill Novelty Company, the great producer of slot machines, decided to develop different types of pokies. They created some themed and colored pokies in order to make them more fun. In the year of 1931 the War Eagle, Roman Head and Lion Head were launched on the gambling market. In the year of 1933 was created the Castle Front.

It was nearly 50 years over when the first slot machine was created. At that time this type of gambling was very popular and attracted a lot of different players of different nationalities and political views. Later electronic pokies were invented. That is why this game is really very claiming nowadays. You are able to play pokies in any land based gambling house and online casino, everything depends on your preferences. The pokies are available and attractive. While playing you enjoy and forget about your everyday problems.