Multi-Line Pokies Machines

The concept of multi paylines pokies was developed exclusively for the online casinos. The feature can't be applied on the mechanical slots machines, and it is the main reason of the online slot machine's popularity.

The multi-paylines pokies are working on the same principles as the basic slots machines. The difference is the multiple winning possibilities given by the multiple paylines available. On the classic machine, you can only win by having the same symbol on the central line of the screen. For the online machines, multiple paylines are available, such as zigzags, rounds, or even some complicated shapes.

The concept was scary for the players at the beginning. The game offered low winning chances even for 3 reels. The casinos had some hard times explaining the concept of multiple paylines, but a casino without those 5 reels machines is unconceivable today. Moreover, those machines became the stars of the casinos, leaving the classical pokies behind. Today, the classical machines are only used as entertainment, as people are looking for more and more paylines on the same machine.

The common multi payline machine has 25 lines. However, there are also some machines offering 30 or even more paylines. On some games, the paylines are practically infinite, as they are changing as the game progresses. However, those games are hard to understand and unrewarding. 30 paylines is more than enough, as you will practically cover the entire playing table with possible winning lines.

Multi-Paylines Pokies Games for Beginners

Multi-lines aren't for beginner players. Sometimes, the paylines are activated one after another, as the game progresses. Therefore, if you want to understand the basics of the game, you will need to play on virtual 3-reels 1-payline slots machines. Check all the options, and hit the Bet Max button for entertainment. Go for multiple paylines once you have all those aspects covered. We know that pokies could look simple, but you will change your opinion once you will see all those lines running on the wheels.

Hints on Multiple Lines Pokies

The multi lines slot machines are more popular than the classical ones. As the real casinos can't offer mechanical machines of this kind, they are offering electronic multi-paylines slots machines. The jackpots are also increased in this kind, as the machine decides the winnings with a computer. The best strategy is to play only in the night. At certain moments, the machines are releasing important bonuses and jackpots, and it would be a pity for you to miss such a moment.

On the online pokies machines, the best method is to bet maximum. This way you could have access to the progressive jackpots, and to some other interesting bonuses. Moreover, the most faithful players are rewarded by the online casinos with great VIP programs and loyalty offers.