Pokies Game Features

The first slots machines were based on some simple principles. For the modern online pokies devices, rules concerning jackpots and bonuses might be applied.

The first pokies games appeared at the end of the 19th century. The principles were simple: spin the wheels, wait for the results and cash out. In the online world, there are many kinds of symbols, promotions, and bonuses that you might consider and later compare them to classic pokies.

Scatter Symbols

The scatter symbols are usually connected with the main theme of the game. For example, if you were playing Lord of the Rings pokies game, the scatter symbol would be the ring itself.

Scatters are used to activate certain special features of a pokies game. In some cases, some winnings will be added to your total bankroll. For other casino pokies games, the scatter symbols would trigger a special game, or you will have a round of free spins. The scatter symbols could also help you to win that huge progressive jackpot. However, the progressive jackpot is only available on certain games such as the marvel Progressive Jackpot based games.

Don't try to guess the size of the prize. The scatter symbols would trigger random earnings, and sometimes those earnings are not connected with your current coin size.

Bonus Games

This is a new trend for the online pokies games. In their hunt for clients, online casinos are trying to offer the best internet promotions. The bonus games are triggered by special symbols. In some cases, we are talking about the scatter bonuses, but usually the Wild symbols would trigger those games.

Of course, the bonus games are not possible on old mechanical slots machines, although some advanced devices of this kind have a screen with those games. However, bonus games are specific for online slots machines. In some cases, such as The Incredible Hulk or Spider Man pokies games, we are talking about some advanced action bonus games. The prizes on those bonus rounds would be free spins, cash, or even some important bonuses.

Free Spins

There is not much to say here, as the name says it all. A certain combination of symbols on a payline would trigger a session of 3 to 20 free spins. The majority of free spins round would also offer a multiplier, and the session could be retriggered at any time on the multi-line pokies.

Wild Symbols

The Wild symbol acts like a replacement for any symbol. For example, if you need 5 bell symbols on a payline to trigger a bonus, the bonus would also be available if you have 3 bell symbols and two wilds. Moreover, a combination of five wild symbols is the dream of every pokies player, as it would trigger the progressive jackpot.