Pokies Myths

Here are some myths that are written in some "good-willing" guides. Those guides are developed by some webmasters that are trying to attract traffic to their sites, or by some casinos that are trying to trick the beginners into signing in. Remember that only luck could help you on pokies games, therefore strategies are useless. The history of pokies keeps claiming this fact. Of course, those strategies would also be confirmed by some "testimonials". Here are some of the worse ideas that will surely transform you into the biggest looser online:

You Need to Bet Max on Every Game

This statement is true if you are hunting for the progressive jackpots. Those progressive jackpots can't be achieved without the bet max, and sometimes we are talking about 250 dollars on a single spin. This won't mean that you can't win the simple jackpots and bonuses with smaller bets. In fact, all the other bonuses are available with smaller bets. The in-game bonus, the casino jackpot, also the bonus game, and the free bonus rounds can be triggered with a bet of 2 or even 0.5 dollars.

You Will Have to Bet on a Precise Moment

It is true. You will have more chances to win at online pokies games if you are betting during the night. However, searching for an exact moment to bet might be useless. The casino knows exactly when to release the progressive jackpot, but it won't be the same hour as yesterday, and the average player can't guess it. The best method is to choose the best period to bet, not a precise moment decided by the casinos computers.

A Certain Machine Will Always Win…

A French player that claimed he got rich by playing only certain slots machines on a casino created the story. The legend was spread online also, as the players that are frustrated about losing blamed the same casino practices. The truth is that the casinos are regularly checked by independent organizations, and the fines are harsh. Therefore, the casino can't risk having a machine that won't offer a decent winning rate for the players. Sure, some machines could be hot and cold at certain moments, but a machine that will never give away any earnings is out of the question. Always look for the peculiar pokies features in the pay table.

There are also some other legends that are connected with certain casinos. Some players are claiming that Legend of the Nile Pokies Game will only give away earnings if there are more than 1000 players on the game at the same time on a casino. If you also believe this legend, ask yourself how it would be possible to find out this kind of information.