Pokies Rules

The purpose of the online pokies is to get a winning combination on the reels. If the same symbol appears on different slots of the machine, it won't mean that you are automatically a winner. The symbols must appear on certain neighbored slots that are forming paylines. On the classical machines, those paylines were straight. For the online pokies, the paylines could be zigzags, diagonals or even circles for some advanced casinos. You won't have to know all the paylines and combinations. We are talking about more than 30 paylines on certain pokies machines; therefore, every pokies game has a section with paylines and winning combinations.

Basics of Pokies Games

Some old fashioned machines aren't based on paylines. Those devices have only 3 reels and one line that is considered the winning line. If you have three symbols on that line, you are considered a winner. Unfortunately, those online slots machines aren't usually connected with a progressive jackpot.

The winning combinations could also be achieved without having the same symbols on the reels. The wild symbols are special figures that would replace any symbol on the slots, just like a joker for cards. Every slot machine having wild symbols must also have a section that explains the meaning of the symbols, therefore you would have to study it before engaging yourself on this kind of pokies for real money playing.

Since the beginning of the pokies machines, the developers of slots machines tried to attract players by offering popular themes and symbols. A corresponding slot machine followed every new Hollywood movie. The system was so popular, as pokies machines based on political and musical themes also appeared. However, the theme was the main difference between those games, as the basic principles remained the same.

Online Pokies and Bonuses

The online pokies opened a new era in the history of slots machines. The developers had the chance to offer multiple paylines to the players, progressive jackpots and exclusive bonuses. The system became so popular, so the sites based only on pokies also appeared. Players would rather play pokies games on established casinos that are also offering other games, so they could switch from one game to another from time to time.

Pokies games are now the most popular casino games. However, some players are claiming that blackjack games are more popular. Moreover, poker is threatening the leader position of pokies. The charm of the old-fashioned mechanical machines would never disappear; therefore, we are convinced that the popularity of those games will remain the same both in the online and offline environment.