Pokies Software

The online pokies industry is still young, and it has a bright future ahead. Although some other casino games such as blackjack and poker are growing in popularity, pokies are still the most popular. If you are going in a real casino, you will see more slots machines than all the poker, blackjack and craps tables gathered! The competition is harsh in the online environment also, as we have some established slots game producers such as Microgaming and RTG, and some emerging companies such as Cryptologic that will surely make a name in the future.


Maybe the best name in the industry, although some players are claiming that RTG games are better. However, this is the oldest casino game developer in the world, as they are creating games since 1994. They are also recognized as innovative and creative, having contracts with all the major movie producers from Hollywood and with the famous comic books. Marvel is the owner of the franchises Hulk and Spiderman; therefore, all the new pokies games released under those names are produced by Microgaming. Moreover, the company introduced the concept of progressive jackpots. All the Marvel based slots games produced by Microgaming are connected with the massive jackpot that is rising continuously. The jackpot could get to 700,000 or even 1,000,000 dollars sometimes, being recognized as the biggest jackpot ever offered online.

The Microgaming games are based on the Viper engine, offering superior graphics and faster connections. The engine is continuously improved, being the pride of the company since 2002.

Microgaming collaborates with the widest network of casinos. The company also offers totally ready casinos for clients. Therefore, if you have the money for it, you could ask Microgaming to develop a complete and trustful online casino for you.

Real Time Gaming

RealTime Gaming is the second largest producer of games and it offers various pokies variations. Although it is a little younger than its main competitor, being online from 1999, the company is challenging the title of market leader seriously. Again, 75 partner casinos, astonishing graphics and exclusive contracts with some worldwide-recognized franchises made RTG one of the best software developing companies in the world. RTG prides itself with 3 or 4 exclusive titles every month, and with the title of Most active casino game developer in USA.


Considering the huge competition, its competitors neglected Cryptologic since now. However, their revolutionary encryption system recommends them as the developer of the safest payment methods and casino games in the world. Some other companies realized their potential, investing massively in Cryptologic. Their pokies themes are so various. Watch their name in the business, as you can be sure you will hear the name of Cryptologic more often in the future.