The term progressive doesn't refer only to jackpots. It can be used to describe pokies offering growing bonuses, or even a group of slots machines connected between them in an online casino's network.

Stand-Alone Slots Machines

A progressive standalone machine is not connected with any other machine. The term progressive only refers to the growing jackpot of the machine. You will see the possible jackpot on your screen, so you will only need to play further in order to claim it. This jackpot is lower than the massive jackpots offered by casinos and game developers, but it is surely easier to win.

Let's take the example of Cleopatra Slot machine on some most played mobile casinos. Sure, usually the game is connected with the Cleopatra Progressive Jackpot offered by RTG, but there are some casinos that are only offering this local progressive bonus.

In the left side of the screen, you will see a jackpot. It grows as the game progresses. For the first spins, you will only have the possibility to win a few bucks, but if you spin the wheel 10 or 20 times, you will see this bonus growing to 500 or even 1,000 dollars. Don't be surprised if you win it, as those bonuses are released by the casinos often.

Casino Progressive Bonuses

In their hunt for clients, casinos are coming up with better offers. One of them is the casino's jackpot, an offer that is available only for the players of a certain casino. Of course, the jackpot will be stated on the first page of the casino, being their pride. The casino must release this bonus at least once a month, and we are sometimes talking about 100,000 dollars or even more

Massive Progressive Jackpots

Those kinds of jackpots are maybe the most interesting ones. Those bonuses are linked with all the online casinos offering certain kind of games. As an example, the Marvel Progressive jackpot won't ever be smaller than 100 000 dollars, sometimes it could go to 1 million dollars or more, and it is released at least twice a year. This bonus is available for all the players gambling for real money on casinos offering Marvel pokies titles such as Hulk and Spiderman or other themes of pokies. Those are only the main titles that are composing this jackpot, as there are more secondary games that are helping this progressive jackpot to grow.

If you want to win such a jackpot, you will have to bet the maximum allowed fee. We are talking about more than 300 dollars in some cases, so we could say that this bonus is available only for high rollers.