Themes of Pokies

The pokies games are simple and funny. Their success is not based on some advanced strategies, as the jackpots and charming themes are the main ingredients. Here are the most popular themes categories.

The themes of the pokies games are designed to attract certain categories of people. Some of them are based on cartoons and heroes. Those pokies games are supposed to attract young players. There are also mature and movie based themes for people aged 30 or more and some special cosmetics and fashion themes for women. All of them can be called the pokies variations.

Season Themes for Pokies Games

The seasons are the main themes for hundreds of games. The winter is used specially during the holydays, while the summer themed games can be found in Miami or other summer vacation destinations. The charm of spring and the sadness of autumn are also themes for some successful pokies games, and there are some additional season themes such as the Spring Fairy Slot Game and other popular pokies.

Rock Stars and Actors Themes

It is almost impossible not to find pokies games based on celebrities on almost online casino. The godfather and Lord of the Rings Slot Game are maybe the best names these days, but Indiana Jones was surely the theme for some interesting games until some time ago. Lara Croft is quickly becoming the symbol of pokies games, therefore the main pokies games developers are rushing to release new titles based on that theme. Hannah Montana and Britney Spears are also the icons of the today's entertainment; therefore, they also have some dedicated pokies games.

Fancy Lifestyle Pokies Games

As the image of pokies games and casinos in generally is associated with money and class, there are also many games based on lifestyle and fashion. Expensive villas and cars are a common theme, and the symbols of money and fame are present in pokies games.

Unusual and Customer Oriented Pokies Themes

Some people like vampires and werewolves, while others are found of playing golf. Kids are enjoying sweets and candies, while the grownups would like to go to the fast food or to the restaurant. The world of online pokies is suited for any player, therefore there are some pokies games based on those themes. Beforehand, you should learn the pokies rules. Some online casinos or engines of games developers would also let the players to develop pokies games based on their favorite themes.

Themes are the main reasons for players to be found of one pokies game or another. As incredibly as it sounds, the players would rather pick a game with less bonuses and a higher house edge instead of a dull boring game that gives them great winning chances. Maybe this is the charm of online pokies games, and the reason for their growing popularity.