Video and Online Pokies

Somewhere around the years 1970, it seemed like the era of old mechanical pokies was over. With the appearance of the first video slot, a new casino era begun.

The first video pokies machine was introduced by Fortune Coin in the best Vegas Casinos. However, the players had to be convinced about the quality of this machine. Especially for older players, getting used to those new machines making weird sounds and flashing all the time was challenging. Where are the reels? Who decides if I win or lose? Can this machine be rigged? Now you see that how pokies myths appear. All those questions were answered by the casinos officials, and later by the US governmental authorities. Moreover, some established pokies players were convinced to use those new machines, attracting more and more players to it.

Improvements of Video Pokies

In 1978, Future Coin was dying. The popularity of slot machines was falling, and the huge debts of the company made it impossible to spare some money for research. The players were getting back to the old 3-reel machines, and poker was taking away important pokies players. It was the first time when IGT Company's name was heard, as the company decided to take a huge risk: they bought the bankrupt Future Coin Company, and they promised a bright future for video slots machines. With the help of some powerful investors and the lobby of the established casinos, IGT managed to bring the pokies back into the spotlights of the gambling world.

Golden Era of Video Pokies

Megabucks is maybe the most important release of IGN. It was the first video slot machine that could be connected with other machines, creating the concept of progressive jackpots. All the machines were connected with a central computer of the casino, therefore the growing jackpot was available at any moment for any player on the reels. The new concept attracted many new players in the casinos, and those pokies games were also considered technological wonders.

Video Pokies Nowadays

Considering the huge popularity of the online pokies, you could say that real video pokies are not at glance anymore. However, even the most passionate players from the online world are getting out of their houses to play the video pokies from time to time, as the feeling of cold iron in your hand and real coins as bets is unmatchable.

Online Pokies

The online world is the future. An online casino without pokies games is unconceivable. With the names of Cryptologic, RTG, and Microgaming as software developers, you could say that the future of pokies is assured. Moreover, it seems like those companies are preparing a partnership that would bring even more players on the virtual reels. We can hardly wait for this revolutionary slot machine, as we are sure it will be the best initiative of this kind.